Hazrat Mir Abdussalam Sahib

Hazrat Mir Abdussalam Sahib was a Companion of the Promised Messiah. Before his arrival in Britain he was the Amir of Sialkot Jamaat. He was a Cricketer and a Sportsman.

Hazrat Mir was a handsome person and was always well dressed. He had full command over English language and was a great Orator and Debater. His knowledge of Bible and the Holy Quran was vast. On my arrival he warmly welcomed me and offered to assist me in my missionary work. I was greatly impressed by his vast knowledge, piety and righteousness.

Hazrat Mir Sahib was a regular speaker on Islam at Hyde Park Corner, on Sundays. He invited me to attend his oratory sessions and help him in carrying his make shift rostrum. This was a most informative and educative experience for me and I enjoyed these sessions. After his speech there used to be a lively Question Answer session. Hazrat Mir Sahib encouraged me to take part in it and to answer some questions. I was not fluent in English then and was reluctant to answer questions but Hazrat Mir Sahib insisted that I should take part in it. Slowly I gained confidence and was able to take part in the discussion.

After his oratory sessions we would go to a café in Marble Arch and would also invite some Non Muslims for further discussions on various Islamic aspects. Hazrat Mir Sahib believed in the freedom of speech and expression and would patiently listen to those who raised objections against Islam. He never lost his temper and was most considerate.