Maulana Mubarak Ahmad Saqi Sahib

Mubarak Ahmad Saqi was a devotee and had served the Movement throughout his life. Our close relationship was spread over a quarter of a century. He was a simple person and by tradition always prepared to serve. He was always cheerful and was completely harmless. We were very close to each other and we were very fond of each other.

He was appointed a Missionary for the United Kingdom on 22nd July 1978. For a long period in the past, he had served in Liberia as Missionary in Charge and National Amir. During my visit of Liberia in 1967, he was the Amir of Liberia. He had developed personal friendship with the Head of State and members of his Cabinet. He was courteous to the extreme and he had an enviable sense of humour. To me he was most co-operative and deferential. He could write and speak extremely well. His knowledge of Comparative study of religion was vast.