Hidayatullah Bangvi Sahib and Nazir Ahmad Dar Sahib

I had another two friends whom I can never forget. They were Ch: Hidayat Ullah Bangvi and Mr Nazir Ahmad Dar. Both these gentlemen having retired from very senior positions remained wholeheartedly engaged in the service of the Jamaat. For a long while Ch: Hidayat Ullah Bangvi served as First Secretary in the Pakistan Embassy in London. Mr Nazir Ahmad Dar served as an Inspector General of Police, in Tanzania and for having rendered outstanding service had been honoured by awards from the British Government.

When Ch: Hidayat Ullah Bangvi was first posted as Second Secretary in the Pakistan Embassy he came to my office to see me. I was then the Imam of the London Mosque. During this very first meeting, I was deeply impressed by his devotion, sincerity, humility and deep love for the Jamaat. At the very first meeting he made an offer to serve the Jamaat in any capacity. Soon he would spend all his spare time in the Mission House. He worked in various capacities and soon, as a result of his pleasant demeanour, willingness to help others and humility he created a vast circle of friends. I was particularly impressed to find in him complete harmony between what he did and what he said. He always spoke the truth and in simple words. Although he had served in very high positions it was difficult to find another as obedient as he.

We were very fond of each other and our relationship developed to a stage where we could be real brothers. There are very many incidents in my mind that I would one day, Inshallah, record. I pray that he may be given an exalted position in Paradise.

Mr Nazir Ahmad Dar was a bundle of superb qualities. He always fully discharged his responsibility towards his friends. He was always willing to serve others. He was always found to be a well wisher of all. He adhered to his principles so meticulously that very often some people were offended. However, everyone knew that his heart was filled with love for all. Until the very last day of his life, he continued to serve the Faith. I had a special relationship with him of love and sincerity. As Imam, I worked very closely with him for a long time. He was a perfect example of obedience. Occasionally he would take a stand but whenever I said anything in my position as the Imam, he would agree and never deviated even slightly from the dictates of obedience.

Both these gentlemen were blessed with the opportunities of being close to the Kholafa of Ahmadiyyat. They presented an excellent example of love and devotion for the Kholafa. .

Now we do not physically see so many but we cannot possibly forget them even if we try.