Qari Muhammad Yasin Sahib

Qari Sahib arrived in Britain from East Africa in the early sixties and settled in Gillingham, Kent. In those days there were hardly three or four other Ahmdi households in Gillingham. Qari Sahib soon bought a house and dedicated one of the rooms as a Mosque for the Ahmadis to offer their prayers and to have their small gatherings there. Due to his magnetic personality and his hospitality some other migrants’ from East Africa also came and settled in Gillingham. With the growth in the numbers of the Jamaat it was felt that a proper Jamaat should be formed and office bearer should be elected. Qari Sahib was elected the first President of Gillingham Jamaat. This responsibility he discharged until his passing away.

Qari Sahib taught the Holy Quran to children of Gillingham Jamaat and worked tirelessly towards their spiritual and moral training and upbringing. He had a charming personality, a calm and forgiving temperament and had all the qualities of a true Momin and a Sufi.

I was the recipient of his love and affection and I was very close to him. He would always tell me that he prayed for me every day. May Allah bless his soul and may he be given a lofty position in Paradise.