Ch Muhammad Ashraf Sahib.

Chaudhry Muhammad was a sincere, devoted servant of the Faith and was very hospitable. On occasion, he would take friends to his house forcefully and entertain them with good and delicious food. His wife, Mrs Ashraf, later on became President of the British Lajna Ima Ullah. She was incredibly hospitable. She not only entertained those who visited her home but also brought all kinds of delicacies to the meetings. Many Ahmadis used Ashraf Sahib’s car for their own personal purposes and it was often referred to as the ‘free taxi’ of the Mission House. He always refused to accept even the cost of petrol. I travelled with him many times to places approximately hundred miles away from London; he would drive me happily and with a great measure of pride and in spite of my repeated requests would not even let me pay for the cost of petrol.

Our ship docked at Liverpool on the 18th February, 1959. The boat train to London was ready. We boarded the train and in about five hours time we arrived at Euston Station. We were received by the Imam Maulood Ahmad Khan and some other friends. Chaudhri Muhammad Ashraf was one of the welcoming party at the station. That was my first introduction with him. He belonged to a noble family of Pakistan and had settled in Britain in the early forties. Chaudhri Sahib had a large circle of friends not only among the Ahmadis but Non Ahmadis also. Hospitality was his great quality. He not only entertained friends at his home but used to bring food and snacks to the Mission House also, on the occasions of general meetings. He used to make Parathas and spicy curries himself for his guests.

In those days there were only a few members of the Jamaat who had their own motor cars. Chaudhri Sahib also had a car which was mostly used by the members of the Jamaat. In Chaudhri Sahib’s dictionary the word NO was not to be found. Whenever he was asked for a favour by any member of the Jamaat he would readily oblige. He was fortunate to have a most obedient, pious and righteous companion Mrs Ashraf. She was most kind to me and my family and treated us as members of her own family. She was very popular among Ahmadi ladies of London. Both Mr and Mrs Ashraf felt pride in offering their services to the Mission and members of the Jamaat. May Allah bless them.