Maulvi Abdul Karim sahib.

Maulvi Abdul Karim sahib belonged to a very pious Ahmadi family of Pakistan. His father was a companion of the Promised Messiah and was a great scholar of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. His brother Mauvlvi Muhammad Ahmad Jalil Sahib was my teacher of Hadith in Jamia tul Mobashireen (Missionary Training College). He was also Mufti of the Jamaat and Chairman of the Qadha Board.

Maulvi Abdul Karim was a missionary of the Jamaat in Sierra Leon for a number of years. On his retirement from Tehrik I Jadid he arrived in the UK and settled in London.

Maulvi Sahib devoted most of his spare time for Mission duties. Fortunately he was the owner of a car which he used mostly for the service of the Ahmadi friends and the Mission.

He served as a Quaid Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, London for a number of years. He was also very active in Ansarullah. He was an orator, a writer and a scholar.

Maulvi Sahib had a charming personality and a cheerful disposition. Young members of the Jamaat enjoyed his company and his educative discourses. He had a wide circle of friends not only in the Jamaat but outside also.

Maulvi Sahib had photography as his hobby. He made hundreds of slides of the Mission function and also made some historic movies of Qadian and Rabwah. His slide shows were in great demand in various Jamaats of the UK.

Maulvi Sahib compiled a split word translation of some chapters of the Holy Quran. He had the intention of rendering split word translation of the whole of the Holy Quran but due to ill health was unable to complete it.

Maulvi Sahib was a trustworthy friend, a pious Ahmadi Muslim and a selfless worker of the Jamaat.