Dr. Muhammad Nasim Sahib

Dr Nasim Sahib was a retired Judge of the Allahabad High Court. On his retirement he migrated to London and settled in Central London. On my arrival in London in February, 1959 he was the General Secretary of the UK Jamaat. Soon after my arrival I was appointment General Secretary and Naib Imam. I took charge from Dr. Nasim Sahib.Mr. Bilal Nuttle

I was Imam of the London Mosque when Hadhrat Khalifa tul Masih II passed away in 1965. Thousands of miles away from the Centre, all Ahmadis in Britain, active in their prayers, were impatiently waiting to hear who had been elected to be the third Khalifa. Engrossed in these thoughts many Ahmadis had assembled in the Mission House. A British Ahmadi Muslim, Bilal Nuttall, approached me and told me that he knew who the next Khalifa would be. I was very surprised and asked him how he knew ahead of the election who would be chosen to be the new Khalifa. Bilal Nuttall gave me a photograph that he had in his hand and in a choking voice said: “Here is a photograph of Sahibzada Nasir Ahmad, taken in the London Mosque that he gave me. In those days, he was up at Oxford for his studies. I was very close to him and I found him to be God fearing, well mannered and an arch lover of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). After my first glimpse at the Sahibzada I had always been absolutely certain that he deserved to occupy the exalted position of Khilafat and that the Jamaat would surely elect him, when the time came.” Bilal Nuttall was still with me when we received a telegram from the Centre telling us that Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad had been elected as the third Khalifa. Being far sighted, in Huzoor’s youth, for the fulfilment of a monumental task, Bilal had his eye on him. He was a witness that Huzoor was a chaste, pious and God-fearing person. He was also a witness that Huzoor was an arch lover of the Holy Prophet of Islam

Bilal used to spend his weekends at the Mission House. During this time he would mow the garden of the Mission House, clean the Mission House and even would cook delicious Indian curries. Bilal remained a bachelor all his life.

He had the honour and privilege to call the first Adhan ( Call for prayers) representing the English Ahmadi Muslim Community on the official opening of the Mosque. Hazrat Malik Ghulam Farid Sahib gave the first Adhan representing the AsianAhmadi Muslim Community.

We organised a meeting at the Mission House to commemorate the memory of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II, on his demise. Bilal Nuttle was one of the speakers. When his name was called, he stood at the rostrum for a few minutes without uttering a word and then broke down. Tears of sorrow were flowing on his face and his voice was choked with emotions. He then left the rostrum and sat down still crying bitterly. Later he apologised and said that he was unable to control his emotions as he loved the Second Khalifa.

I was much closed to Bilal and we used to spend hours together. He was most cheerful, generous and righteous and always smiling.

He had a sister who lived in the countryside. Bilai once went to spend a few days with her. There he had a fatal heart attack and left this world to take his place in the Heaven.

Dr. Nasim Sahib was a scholar, a prolific writer and an orator. He wrote articles for various magazines and delivered scholarly lectures at the general meetings of the Jamaat.

Hospitality was a great quality of Dr. Sahib. He used to invite members of the High Commission of Pakistan and other dignitories to dinners at his residence. I had the privilege of being invited by him on all such occasions. His circle of friendship was vast.

He was a friend of the Monarch of Malaysia. The King visited London in 1960 and was staying at the Claridges Hotel. Dr. Sahib used to meet him at the Hotel. He invited me also to meet the King and to give him some literature of the Ahmadiyya Movement. The king received us with open arms and offered us coffee. I had an opportunity to convey to him the message of Ahmadyyat and presented him some books about Ahmadiyyat.

Dr. Sahib had a charming personality. One of his great qualities was his punctuality. He was a well dressed person.

His wife was the first President of Lajna Imaullah UK.