Hazrat Syed Iqbal Shah Sahib

Syed Iqbal Shah who had migrated from East Africa and had settled in London was a person who was indeed gifted with the traits of an angel. Every day, without fail, he would come to the mosque and very happily attend to the work of the Finance Department. In the matter of Taqwa( Righteosness), high morals and good dealings he was outstanding. He was humble, sympathetic and God fearing. Right up until the time of his death he served the Jamaat with great sincerity. May Allah reward him abundantly. Two of his sons, Dr. Wali Ahmad Shah and Mansoor Ahmad Shah are following in the foot steps of their father. Watching them progress in the spiritual field not only gives me great pleasure but the remembrance of their father is also revived.

Hadhrat Syed Iqbal Shah was a saintly person with the temperament of a Sufi. He left a very deep impression on me and I learnt a lot from him. He devoted the remaining days of his life for service to the Faith. He would regularly turn up at the Mission House and work in an office next to mine. I have never seen another meek and humble person like him. It appeared that one could see an angel in his person. He would continuously remain engaged in supplications. He was extremely honest and deeply conscious of his duty. He died suddenly and the books of the Jamaat, which he was responsible for keeping, balanced to the last penny.

He was extremely kind to me and dealt with me with love and sincerity. I was younger than his children were but merely because I was the Imam he showed such great respect to me that I would be put to shame. I would often protest and say that I was in need of his prayers. He was a virtuous example for me to follow.