My Khalifa, My Mentor

In 1956 I was a student of Jamiatu Mobashireen, Rabwah. In those days the students were not allowed to get married during their Jamia studies. My father wrote to me that it was his and my mother’s wish that I should get married in December 1956. My father suggested that I should write to Hazrat Khalifatul Mash II for special permission. He assured me that he will pray for the success of my application.
Before submitting my application I prayed vehemently. I then submitted my request to Huzoor and also sent a copy to the Principal, Hazrat Maulana Abul Ata Sahib. The Principal called me the next day and told me that there was absolutely no chance of the success of my request. Huzoor will never break the rule for your sake, he said. I kept quiet and left his office.

After a few days the Principal called me to his office. On entering the office the Principal handed over a letter to me from the Private Secretary.  The letter was from Huzoor to the Principal, instructing him to give me the permission to go ahead with my marriage plans. The Principal congratulated me and told me that I was the only one whose request for permission of marriage during Jamia studies had been granted by Huzoor. I immediately informed my father of the outcome of my request.

I was married on 10th December, 1956 in my village. As I did not have any accommodation at Rabwah I left my wife at the village and returned to Rabwah.  Rabwah was then a small village. To get rented accommodation was impossible. I tried my best to find suitable accommodation but was unsuccessful.

One day I read an advert in the Daily Alfazl that a house built by Huzoor for one of his wives was available for rent. The late Sharif Ashraf Sahib was the Private Secretary. He was a close friend of mine. I approached him and told him that I was interested in the house. He told me that it was a four bedroom house with two washrooms and a large courtyard on both sides of the house. He said that Huzoor had instructed him not to submit to him any application for renting the property which was less than Rs.120 per month. I told him that being a devotee of life I could not afford Rs.120 per month for renting a house. He said he was bound by the instructions of Huzoor.
I came out of his office with a heavy heart. Sharif Ashraf Sahib saw my disappointment and called me in his office again. He said that if I wrote to Huzoor about the reduction in the rent and sealed the envelope he would deliver it to Huzoor.

I wrote to Huzoor that it was impossible for me to get a suitable rented accommodation in Rabwah. My wife is in the village and I cannot call her over here to live with me. I said, that I was unable to pay Rs. 120 per month as rent as my total allowance from the Jamaat was Rs.65 per month.

The Private Secretary promptly took the sealed letter to Huzoor while I was waiting in his office. I had no hope of any reduction in the rent. After about half an hour the Private Secretary came back and told me that Huzoor wanted to know the amount that I could pay for the rent. I was happy that there was hope.

I wrote back and said that I could only afford R. 40 per month. This offer was considerably less than the asking rent and I felt nervous to submit it. However I sealed the envelope once again and gave to the Private Secretary. He took it to Huzoor while I was waiting in his office in a tense condition. He came back with a smiling face and told me that Huzoor has instructed him, that the keys be delivered to me forthwith. My joy knew no bounds. I thanked the Private Secretary and rushed to the Post office to send the glad tidings to my father.
I took charge of the house which was inside the Khandan enclosure. In a few days the house was ready for occupation. I went back to my village and brought Salima with me. My son Munir Ahmad was born in this house. I lived in this house for three years or more.
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