A Freezing Night in London

On 18th February 1959, we left Liverpool, where our ship had docked and reached London Euston Station. At the station we were received by Imam of the London Mosque Maulood Ahmad Khan, Abdul Azeez Deen, Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf, Moulvi Abd ur Rahman and Professor Sultan Mahmood Shahid. We proceeded towards the Mission House in Moulvi Abd ur Rahman’s car.
The whole of London was brightly lit; the Christmas decorations in the streets and in the shops were still there. Up until then I had never seen such a big city. On our way Moulvi Abd ur Rahman gave us a running commentary on the various historical buildings. Finally, we arrived at 63 Melrose Road (the Mission House) where the Imam had arranged for a sumptuous meal. For the first time in three weeks, we ate spinach with meat and we loved it. During the voyage, for fear that, the meat may not be Halal, we did not touch it.