Faith Inspiring

The Truth

The miracle of the growth of the Jamaat from such humble beginnings in such a (comparatively) short space of time is in itself a matter of inspiration and reinforces faith in the power of Almighty Allah and the covenant that he made with his humble disciple. Read More...

My Dedication of Life for the service of Islam

After having spent many years in Waqf, even today, based on my own experience I can truthfully say that the folks from my region have, through Allah’s Mercy and Grace, always shown me great respect. Whenever I visit the Frontier Province and whomever I meet, I am always shown great respect and esteem. Read More...

The Power of Prayer Part 3

Now there are not one but many miraculous things in this story.

1. My seeing the Question Paper in advance in my dream.
2. Huzoor’s emphatic information that I was going to pass the Exams.
3. My father’s verbal revelation that Bashir Ahmad had already passed the Exams.

Does this not prove beyond any doubt the existence of God and that He not only listens to our prayers but verbally responds to them also? Allah is great. Read More...


Everybody see dreams during the night or the day.

It is a natural phenomenon. There are various categories of dreams. . Some are of no importance, some are nightmares and yet some are divine. In all the religious books, true dreams have been mentioned. Marayam the mother of Jesus was told in a dream that she will have a son. Joseph, her husband was told in a dream to take the child and mother away from Nazareth. Moses' mother was told in a dream to put her baby son in a basket and then let it flow in the water of a nearby river.