North West Frontier Province

Shamsuddin Khan and Khawas Khan of NWFP

There was only a primary school in our village. As the middle school was at a distance of three miles from our village my father decided that for my schooling I should proceed to Peshawar where my uncle (mother's brother) Abd us Salaam Khan lived and where many other relations resided and served. I was fortunate in that around that time, to stay with his elder son, Abd us Salaam Khan, my maternal grandfather Hadhrat Muhammad Ilyas Khan got back to Peshawar from Mastung Baluchistan. Therefore, by the Grace of Allah, for one more year, I was afforded a further opportunity to benefit from his direct supervision. Before that, I had spent a whole year with him in Mastung, Baluchistan.
During this period I met many pious Ahmadi elders who left a deep impression on me. I would like to talk about two of them in today's episode. Read More...