Persecution of Ahmadis

Prayer Services led by a non-Ahmadi Muslim

One of the objections that is raised against the Ahmadiyya Community is that they do not join the prayer services of the non-Ahmadi, nor do they participate in the funeral prayers for a non-Ahmadi and that for this reason they are not Muslims.
In approaching this question it is necessary to keep in mind its history. It is well known and cannot be denied that it was the non-Ahmadis and their divines who debarred the Ahmadis from joining their Prayer services and even forbade their entry into their mosques. If an Ahmadi was found saying his prayers in a mosque of the non-Ahmadis, he was beaten up and often the floor of the mosque where an Ahmadi might have said his prayers was washed and thus the mosque was purified from the pollution which, according to them, had been inflicted upon the mosque by the entry of an Ahmadi into it. The Ahmadis were regarded as a pollution. It was in this situation that the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement directed his followers to arrange to hold their prayer services separately and thus avoid all occasion of disorderliness in mosques. It is worthy of note that no non-Ahmadi has ever been stopped from joining the prayer services of Ahmadis or from saying his prayers separately in an Ahmadi mosque.