Imam Bashir Ahmad Rafiq’s Biography
Chapter 50: My Colleagues

When I first arrived in London, there was only one missionary in the UK. Moulood Ahmad Khan was serving as the Imam of the London Mosque. I assisted him as his Deputy until the end of 1960.
Chaudhry Rehmat Khan succeeded him as Imam of the London Mosque. After handing over charge of the Mission Maulood Ahmad Khan returned to Pakistan. Until 1964, I continued to work as Deputy Imam under Chaudhry Rehmat Khan.
Early in that year, Chaudhry Rehmat Khan fell sick. After some treatment in London, he was repatriated to Pakistan.
Nazir Ahmad Hyderabadi arrived in England on 12th April 1966 as Missionary and worked with me until 13th April 1967. During this period, he also served as the Central Finance Secretary. He left on 7th July 1967
Laeeq Ahmad Tahir succeeded him as Deputy Imam and worked in that position until 14th December 1970. In this period he rendered valuable service by speaking at several Colleges and Clubs on the subject of Islam. He also worked as a Joint Editor of ‘Akhbar e Ahmadiyya’. The Centre in Rabwah appointed him as General Secretary of Majlis Khuddam e Ahmadiyya in the UK.
In those days, I served as Deputy Sadar of Majlis Khuddam e Ahmadiyya in the UK. He is a Scholar of the Faith and bore excellent demeanour and excellent manners. His connection with members of the Jamaat was deep and strong. For his cheerful co-operation and obedience, I am duly indebted to him.
Ata ul Mujeeb Rashed M.A. started assisting me with effect from 2nd September 1970 and continued until 25th September 1973. He is a son of Hadhrat Moulvi Abul Ata who was my teacher and also my benefactor. With great credit and in a most admirable manner he discharged his duties in the field of Tableegh. His support in certain other responsibilities of the Mission was exemplary. In his own right he is a Scholar of the Faith. He was exceptionally courteous and humble. He treated me with great love and extended his co-operation unstintingly. May Allah reward his efforts in the very best manner. Currently he is both Missionary in Charge in Britain and Imam of the London Mosque.
Major Abdul Hameed retired from the Army and devoted his life to the service of the Community. On 22nd March 1962, he was sent to Britain assist the Mission. In those days, Chaudhry Rehmat Khan was the Imam and I was the Deputy Imam. The Major was appointed Secretary of the UK Mission. In the matter of Tableegh, he was truly passionate. Based on his extensive experience in the Army he reorganised the Mission Office on proper lines. On 13th April 1964, he was sent to Washington as a Missionary for America.
Abd ul Wahab Adam arrived in England on 16th October 1972 and worked with me as Deputy Imam. Particularly in 1974 when in Pakistan the Jamaat passed through a turbulent phase, to convey the Pakistan news to the Missions all over the world he worked along with me day and night. He was a tireless worker and in the matter of obedience and zeal he became an example worth following. He played an important role in enlivening the Press. He was equally proficient and fluent in English, Arabic and Urdu languages and paid particular attention to the use of appropriate idioms of the three languages. He rendered valuable assistance to me in the matter of the ‘Muslim Herald’. May Allah reward him abundantly. Having been appointed the National Ameer of Ghana he departed from England on 5th December 1974.
Bashir Ahmad Orchard having served in British Guyana after being demobbed he was sent to the UK. He assumed charge of the Glasgow Mission, which he had also held in earlier years. He was the first British Missionary of Islam. Due to his co-operation and obedience, his work with me was commendable. He wrote articles for the ‘Muslim Herald’ and he started a two page pamphlet styled as ‘Scotland Gazette’. He was most God fearing, a true Muslim and a Wali ul Allah. He had a very simple lifestyle. May he be given a special place in Paradise.
Munir ud Deen Shams arrived in England on 2nd July 1973 and worked with me for a long period as Deputy Imam. He was enabled to render valuable service in the field of education, Tarbiyyat and administration. Currently he is serving in London as Additional Wakeel ut Tasneef. He is a son of Hadhrat Maulana Jalal ud Deen Shams, a former Imam of the London Mosque.
Ameenullah Khan Salik served in the British Mission from 5th July 1974 until 18th May 1977. During most of that period he served in the Yorkshire region and is now a resident of America.
Naseem Ahmad Bajwa came to England on 15th October 1975 and worked in various Jamaats in the UK. In fact, he is still serving in the North East region of the UK. He is an extremely enthusiastic Missionary of Islam. While he worked with me, he co-operated with me and obeyed me in every matter.
Anees Ur Rahman Bengali came to England on 4th June 1977. For a period of three or four years he was in charge of the Huddersfield Mission. He was a pious and a courteous person and had a pleasing personality. Alas, he has passed away.
Mubarak Ahmad Saqi; was appointed a Missionary for the United Kingdom on 22nd July 1978. For a long period in the past, he had served in Liberia as Missionary in Charge and National Ameer. He was courteous to the extreme and he had an enviable sense of humour. To me he was most co-operative and deferential. He could write and speak extremely well. Alas, he has passed away. May he be granted proximity to the Almighty.
I cannot possibly thank Allah enough that I was gifted with such wonderful colleagues. That is how the British Jamaat was able to render service as a team. We lived and worked like brothers and never did any differences arise amongst us. May Allah reward all of them in the very best manner.